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Posted 19 Jun 2015

The Portuguese local newspaper, Publico, published an article on the tearing down of the wall separating the Beja Roma community from the rest of the municipality - a battle that required persistance and resilience on the side of the Roma community, and of the local facilitator in Beja - Mr Juvenal Prudêncio (related link here)

The "wall of shame" erected nearly a decade ago separated most Roma of Beja from the rest of the Alentejo population. According to the newspaper "it was not a sudden rage that dictated their overthrow . Adults , young and children, more than 300 people, making use of persistence, were expressing their discontent year after year."

19/06/2015 - - Roma families tear down the "wall of shame" that isolated them for more than a decade

Learn more about ROMED2 in Beja here

Posted 15 Apr 2015

Our partner organisation - Integro - organised several events on the 8th of April with the main aim of combatting hate speech towards Roma. Among these actions, an open letter was drafted and delivered to state leaders by a group of Roma women - an initiative covered broadly by local and national media. This initiative is in line with the main concerns identified by CAGs in Bulgaria during strategy planning sessions, namely hate speech and discrimination.


News on national TV

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Posted 15/04/2015
Posted 13 Apr 2015

On the 8th of April 2015, Ms Zemfira Kondur, National Project Officer for ROMED2 in Ukraine, was invited by the KDRTRK Ukrainian TV Channel to talk about the situation of Roma in Ukraine. During her interview, Ms Kondur touched upon the activities lead in Ukraine through the ROMED2 Programme, the initiatives of the Community Action Groups and of local authorities, including a recent exchange of experiences between Mr Gennadyi Sintsov, Head of the Darnitsa administration in Kiev, and Ms Dominique Dreysse, Vice-mayor in the city of Strasbourg.

The interview is available in full here (only in ukrainian)

Posted 13/04/2015

Posted 21 Mar 2014

18/03/2014 – via - A pioneer in the integration of Roma

[...]The implementation of ROMED 2 programme evolves in the municipality of Ilida rapidly and on schedule, and yesterday completed the phase of training of mediators from the district Papakafka. Elected officials of the municipality of Ilida ordered on Friday to organise the first joint meeting task force, composed of Roma and members of the municipality of Ilida.

[...]The project officer for ROMED2, Mr Manolis Rantis declared to be satisfied with the course of development of the programme and how the municipality of Ilida supports its implementation. "Compared to other municipalities in the country, the city of Ilida has made several steps to address the issues concerning Roma and is the first municipality to have completed a joint meeting (n.r. between local authorities and community action groups) under the ROMED 2 programme" said Mr. Rantis.



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