"Wall of shame" in Beja torn down

The Portuguese local newspaper, Publico, published an article on the tearing down of the wall separating the Beja Roma community from the rest of the municipality - a battle that required persistance and resilience on the side of the Roma community, and of the local facilitator in Beja - Mr Juvenal Prudêncio (related link here)

The "wall of shame" erected nearly a decade ago separated most Roma of Beja from the rest of the Alentejo population. According to the newspaper "it was not a sudden rage that dictated their overthrow . Adults , young and children, more than 300 people, making use of persistence, were expressing their discontent year after year."

19/06/2015 - www.publico.pt - Roma families tear down the "wall of shame" that isolated them for more than a decade

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