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Posted 3 Aug 2017

Ukraine has been taking part in both ROMED1 and ROMED2, which contributed to strengthening the cooperation between the Ukrainian Roma communities and local and central authorities.

While many unsolved challenges remain, it was thanks to the experience gained throughout the project and to the dedicated people willing to be part of positive changes in the Roma communities in Ukraine that it became possible for Roma to exercise their rights as full fledged citizens.

"Experiencing ROMED in Ukraine", produced by the implementing partner NGO, Roma Women Fund "Chirikli", invites its viewers to familiarize themselves with the stories of the Roma citizens as well as with the experience of the Roma mediators and that of local authorities.


Posted 7 Dec 2016

The role of mediation in the development of the local Roma social dialogue.
Full video (Hungarian only) available here: 

Posted 20 Jul 2016

via Diario de Tenerife - El Cabildo comienza la formación de 19 miembros de la comunidad gitana como mediadores  - 19/07/2016

"Mr Carlos Alonso recalled that "this programme is being implemented after the signature in March of a cooperation agreement with the Insular institution. It is developped through the "Juntos en la misma dirección" initiative (Together in the same direction), in partnership with Universidad de La Laguna". He went on explaining "it is an initiative in line with the commitment of the Council to achieve a more integrated and just society in which multiculturalism enriches us as individuals and as a people."
The idea of ROMED is to hire mediators experienced in working with the Roma community, whose duties and responsibilities include facilitating communication between Roma and public institutions. The mediators establish a relationship of trust and open communication with representatives of local stakeholders. They try to understand the situation and reflect the different views, opinions and feelings; they establish the contact between the parties, ensuring effective communication and facilitating and strengthening communication between the Roma community and public institutions in areas such as health, education, housing and employment."

Posted 8 Feb 2016

via ROMED NST in Bosnia and Herzegovina

ROMED1 mediators‬ in Bosnia Herzegovina represent an important added value to the overall process of Roma integration in the country.
‪The ROMED Programme‬ has been now recognized in BiH as the most valuable resource for local institutions, as well as the donors and International organisations.
In order to present the successful implementation of the ROMED Programme in BiH, the National Support Organization- ‎Romalen‬ from Kakanj, gathers some of the good examples and practices in the short video below.

Posted on 08/02/2016

Posted 5 May 2015

Prudêncio Canhoto, mediator in the municipality of Beja (part of the ROMED2 Programme), Portugal, was awarded "Roma of the year" prize in January 2015.

News on National TV (SIC Noticias, 28/01/2015)

Posted 05/05/2015

Posted 26 Apr 2015

With the Second session of Training of Mediators complete in Macedonia, an additional 31 mediators obtained their ROMED certificate on the 19th of April 2015. Ms. Firdez Zekira, mediator trained through one of the previous sessions and working within the Roma Information Center in Berovo talks about her perception on mediation and the support she will be able to provide to new mediators from Berovo.

News on National TV (Kanal +, 24/04/2015)

Posted 27/04/2015

Posted 4 Sep 2014

Informative film on Roma mediators in Bulgaria - mentioning ROMED.
Produced under the "Effective programmes for active integration/inclusion of the Roma in South East Europe" (PAIRS) financed by the Programme for transnational cooperation in South East Europe

Posted 12 Apr 2013

via ACM Youtube channel
In this interview given to the High Commission for Migration in Portugal, Luis Romao talks about his experience as school mediator, role model and since 2013, local faciliators in ROMED2 in his community of Elvas.

Posted 12/04/2013

Posted 18 Oct 2012

Olivier Peyroux, Sociologist and Deputy Director of Hors La Rue, one of the 11 partners of the SRAP project, gives us his point of view on the question of Roma mediators. Available in in English and in French

Posted 22 Jul 2011

An informative film on Roma Mediators in Brussels - by the ROMED partner organisation - Foyer from Brussels, Belgium.


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