Diario de Tenerife - The Council of Tenerife initiates a training of mediators for 19 members of the Roma community

via Diario de Tenerife - El Cabildo comienza la formación de 19 miembros de la comunidad gitana como mediadores  - 19/07/2016

"Mr Carlos Alonso recalled that "this programme is being implemented after the signature in March of a cooperation agreement with the Insular institution. It is developped through the "Juntos en la misma dirección" initiative (Together in the same direction), in partnership with Universidad de La Laguna". He went on explaining "it is an initiative in line with the commitment of the Council to achieve a more integrated and just society in which multiculturalism enriches us as individuals and as a people."
The idea of ROMED is to hire mediators experienced in working with the Roma community, whose duties and responsibilities include facilitating communication between Roma and public institutions. The mediators establish a relationship of trust and open communication with representatives of local stakeholders. They try to understand the situation and reflect the different views, opinions and feelings; they establish the contact between the parties, ensuring effective communication and facilitating and strengthening communication between the Roma community and public institutions in areas such as health, education, housing and employment."

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