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Posted 31 Mar 2016

Four communities in ‪#‎Europe‬ with four very different contexts and a myriad of individual stories.
The ‪#‎Parovel‬ documentary follows the changes – little or big - achieved at local level through community participation among ‪#‎Roma‬.
The process of community participation presented in Parovel was initiated through ‪#‎ROMED2‬, a Joint Programme of the European Union and the Council of Europe
The official release is scheduled on ‪#‎8April‬, ‪#‎Romaday2016‬
Stay tuned!

Posted 11 Mar 2016

11/03/2016 via the Official Website of the Torres Vedras Municipality (article available in Portuguese only)

"Four members of the Torres Vedras Roma community are employed since January in the services of the Municipality of Torres Vedras, particularly in the field of ​​urban decoration and education, under the CEI+ measure. The professional integration experience of these members of the community has been extremely positive, with the managers emphasizing the wide availability, dedication and willingness to learn of these new employees highlighting also that the integration in team work took place very easily and spontaneously. Carina, Filomena, Mario and Daniel now have a new routine that makes them feel more inserted and involved in society, successfully realizing it is the proposal to increase the employability of the local Roma community, presented by the Community Action Group of Torres Vedras."

Posted 15 Jan 2016

The Association Sílaba Dinâmica - created by the Community Action Group in Elvas - collected around 340 food items during the first Intercultural Festival in Elvas, held on Saturday, 11 April 2015.

"For a first festival it went more or less well, we collected about 340 food items. There were people who felt compelled to donate more, and we also had a small supply from the parish council, six liter milk packs, and the rest came from people as they came to the festival" said Flavio Cardoso, member of the association.

News on Local Radio Station (Radio Elvas, 08/04/2015)

Posted 21/04/2015

Posted 6 Jan 2016


"The community action group of Figueira da Foz of the European programme ROMED (designed to integrate Roma) is conducting a series of solidarity initiatives.

Recently, they cooked and served soup for the Centre for Homeless (CASA) , an initiative that they will repeat every two months. It can be recalled that in October they have already made a food collection for the same institution.

Without discrimination, the group of 15 volunteers led by Bruno Gonçalves, national project officer for ROMED and trainer of cultural mediators, leads to solidarity with those in need."

Full article in Portuguese here

Posted 17 Dec 2015

The ROMED2 Programme was launched in Valencia, Spain on the 2nd of December 2015. Before the launching, the new National Project Officer in Spain, Demetrio Gomez, was invited for a study visit during the National Workshop held in Portugal on the 3rd and 4th November 2015. The video was done by Sergi Tarín Galán and published on the ROMED Spain Youtube Channel.

Posted 17/12/2015

Posted 12 Dec 2015

Radio Chiriklo published in December 2015 a video presenting the activities under ROMED2 in Ukraine.
Full video available only in Ukrainian

Posted 19 Nov 2015

19/11/2015 via the Official Website of the Municipality of Barcelos

18 and 19 November were devoted to Roma culture. First, through an exhibition focusing on " A year of ROMED2 in Portugal " that took place on the campus of the IPCA, which was attended by the Councillor of Social Action of the Municipality of Barcelos, Armandina Salt, the President of the IPCA , João Carvalho , among others.
Full article in Portuguese

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Posted 18 Oct 2015

Mr Carlos Miguel - former mayor of Torres Vedras and currently Secretary of State of Local Authorities in the new Portuguese government talks about the Roma community, ROMED and processes of participation.
English and Portuguese in the video.

Posted 29 Jun 2015

Following the visit in Strasbourg of Mr Gennadyi Sintsov, head of the Darnitsa administration in Kiev, it was the turn of representatives of the City of Strasbourg to visit the Roma settlements and the administration of Darnitsa to learn more on the plans there to work for Roma integration.

Ms Marie Dominique Dreysse, Deputy Mayor in charge of solidarity policies for the City of Strasbourg, talks about the situation of Roma in Strasbourg, in Kiev and in Europe, the challenge of discrimination and prejudice, and underlines the importance of education in Roma integration.

News on Local Radio Station (NRCU 28/06/2015)

Posted 29/06/2015


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