ROMED2 - A "pioneer in the integration of Roma" according to local Greek newspaper

18/03/2014 – via - A pioneer in the integration of Roma

[...]The implementation of ROMED 2 programme evolves in the municipality of Ilida rapidly and on schedule, and yesterday completed the phase of training of mediators from the district Papakafka. Elected officials of the municipality of Ilida ordered on Friday to organise the first joint meeting task force, composed of Roma and members of the municipality of Ilida.

[...]The project officer for ROMED2, Mr Manolis Rantis declared to be satisfied with the course of development of the programme and how the municipality of Ilida supports its implementation. "Compared to other municipalities in the country, the city of Ilida has made several steps to address the issues concerning Roma and is the first municipality to have completed a joint meeting (n.r. between local authorities and community action groups) under the ROMED 2 programme" said Mr. Rantis.


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