Torres Vedras

General Information
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Carlos Manuel Antunes Bernardes
Contact Person within the Municipality: 
Ana Umbelino - Municipal Councillor for Social Affairs
Lindo Cambão
Total population: 
80 000
Roma living in the Municipality: 
Estimation by the local facilitator
Description of the Municipality: 

The External Evaluation Case Study for Torres Vedras by Blomeyer & Sanz s.l. is available in Portuguese and English. Visit the Resources section for other 14 case studies of the evaluation.

Portugal Country Findings of the external evaluation available in Portuguese and English

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Torres Vedras is situated close to Lisbon and has a population of around 80 000 inhabitants. Due to Portuguese regulations which forbid ethnic data collection, the exact number of Roma in Torres Vedras is unknown, however the mediator and the municipality estimates that there are around 300 Roma living in Torres Vedras.  

The majority of the Roma families live in the largest social neighborhood of the city (Boavista). While some families rely on social welfare, the majority of Roma in Torres Vedras are street vendors or seasonal workers.
The Municipality installed tents in front of the municipal market so as to ease the access of vendors to the market.

Up until November 2015, Mr Carlos Miguel - former mayor of the municipality of Roma origins himself - has shown great support toward the process of participation triggered by the programme. A video presenting his onlook on the issue is available in the ROMED2 in Media section of the website or watch the video here.

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CAG identified needs: 

Short-term priorities:
- The hiring by the municipality or entities of the Social Network (Promotorres, Parish councils, Social centers, NGOs) of 5 Roma people - three men and two women (through Programmes of IEFP – Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional - Portuguese Institute of Employment);
- Increase by 3 the number of persons working within this framework until October 2015 (8 employees in total);
- Negotiate with the municipality of a small subsidy for the local church’s monthly rent (540 euros/month);
- Organise an anti-discrimination event within the municipality;

Long-term priorities:

  • - Reduce the unemployment rate among Roma in Torres Vedras;
Initiatives within ROMED2 and relevant Local Action Plan: 

In Torres Vedras, the strong commitment of local authorities towards the ROMED2 process of participation of the Roma community provides an excellent example of the achievements possible through this approach.
In December 2014, Mr Lindo Cambão was hired by the muncipality for his function of mediator and local facilitator within the Roma community through the CEI+ programme of the IEFP – Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, and since 2016 his employment was taken on by the municipality through the local budget.

Furthermore, with the help of the local facilitator, the municipality of Torres Vedras conducted surveys with the Roma community so as to assess training needs in view of an application for vocational training courses through the Portugal 2020 Partnership Agreement.


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