ROMED1 methodology to be included in the official curriculum of the National Pedagogical Dragamanov University, Kiev

Seeking different ways to work towards the institutionalisation and employability of Roma mediators, aimed by the ROMED1 Programme – “Intercultural mediation for Roma communities”, in 2015 the Ukrainian ROMED National Support Team proposed to conduct express, advanced courses on Mediation in Roma communities for social workers and local authorities starting with May and until July 2015. Over 150 people were trained and received certificates upon completion of the express advanced courses.

The outcome of this initiative verified the need for continuing the training of social workers and civil servants on Mediation in Roma communities. As a consequence, the ROMED National Support Team in Ukraine pushed for the development of a special course on «Mediation as a form of social work with the Roma minority" based on the ROMED1 methodology, and for its introduction in the curriculum of state universities.

After a series of discussions and working meetings, the National Pedagogical Dragamanov University, more precisely its Institute of Social Work and Management (Kiev), approved the inclusion of course «Mediation as a form of social work with the Roma minority" in the official Bachelor degree curriculum starting with the 2016 – 2017 academic year. The course was developed by ROMED1 trainers and local team based on the ROMED1 Trainer’s Handbook, a tool developed through five years of programme implementation and which was officially released in May 2016.

ROMED1 Trainer’s Handbook

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