ROMED at the heart of discussions during national event in Hungary

The Conference organised on 24 and 25 November 2016 by the ROMED2 team in Hungary focuses on "The role of Roma mediation in cultivating dialogue at local level".

It was in 2011 that ROMED first started in Hungary through Training of Mediators. Then, in 2014 a new step towards Roma community organising was taken, building on the experience of trained mediators. The conference serves as a milestone in the acknowledgement of the results of the ROMED process in the municipalities where the approach was applied. It aims to take the pulse of the current status through testimonies of mayors, Roma citizens and mediators involved in the municipalities of implementation and to reflect on the future and on the sustainability of the results.

Moreover, for a talented pool of promising mediators and stakeholders, as well as for a collection of successful and outsanding projects as well as supporting donors, awards are given in 3 categories. The awards thus target the 'Roma Mediator of The Year’, 'Roma Mediator Project of the Year’ and 'Ambassador of Roma Mediation’. 

Thematic workshops on the second day of the conference focus on important issues for the future of the Roma communities in the ROMED municipalities, namely on mobilising community participation, sustainability of the Community Action Groups and the profession of mediation.

The conference benefits from the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary and of the Council of Europe's management of the programme. 

Learn more about the ROMED process in Hungary from the two case studies of the external evaluation, in Nagyecsed and Nyirbator, as well as from the complete country findings for Hungary. 

Photo Gallery of the event

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