ROMED awarded as the European Initiative of the Year!

The ROMED Programme was awarded the prize for the European Initiative of the Year during the 7th edition of the Roma Excellency Gala in Bucharest, which took place on 18 December - Minority Rights Day around the world. The event was organised by the Romanian Government, the Agency for Roma, and the “Pro Europa” Roma Party.

It was Mr Teodorovici, Minister for European Funds in the Romanian Government, who handed the award to Ms Aurora Ailincai, Coordinator of the ROMED and ROMACT Joint Programmes of the Council of Europe and European Commission.

In her words of thanks, Ms Ailincai underlined the fact that the success of ROMED lies in the efforts of national teams working in the field and of the mediators or field workers investing time and often personal resources in their commitment to the improvement of the lives of people in Roma communities.

Among the other organisations and personalities recognized were the NGO Sastipen represented by Mr Daniel Radulescu who received the same prize for their Health Mediators Programme, Mr Mihaly Gabor, a Roma craftsman working with the RomanoButiQ initiative, Mr Vasile Ionescu, sociologist and human rights activist, and other NGO initiatives in various fields.

Strasbourg 03/01/2014


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