PAROVEL pending judgement in three film festivals

During the past weeks "Parovel", our short documentary based on the ROMED experiences in Moura, Bucharest, Elvas and Valea Seaca, was accepted in three film festivals in Serbia, Ukraine and Nigeria.

FreeNetWorld is an international film festival which aims to support and promote the creativity of film and authors from all over the world, primarily through the Internet. The aim of this festival is to present the important and innovative films of high artistic value from the whole world.

LACIFF intends to create an environment necessary for the global cross-pollination of cultures and encourages cultural awareness and exchange in other to instigate a natural inquisition to history and art. By so doing, LACIFF will put in place credible bridges for collaborations with international organizations to ensure Impeccable professionalism and sustainability.

Equality festival was created in 2014 as the platform where culture, creativity and social activism can meet and connect in a variety of combinations. It`s annual event in Ukraine that unite diverse people in their fight against prejudice and discrimination. 

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