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Graduated in Special Education and Rehabilitation at Belgrade University in 1999 and is a Masters student in Social policy at the Faculty for Political Sciences of Belgrade University.
Experienced trainer and consultant in many projects relating Roma and other vulnerable groups of people in Serbia. Member of Team TRI pool of trainers (Civic Initiatives Belgrade, from 2002),STE pool of TACSO Serbia (Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations-SIPU International).
As a trainer, I have worked with Roma CSOs on their capacity building, with Roma coordinators employed in Serbian local self-governments, on implementation of the National Strategy for Improving the Position of Roma, and development of local action plans for education, health, employment and housing.
Through a number of projects, I am actively involved in the processes of social inclusion in general, and inclusion of disadvantaged children in the educational system. I have significant experience in working with various stakeholders; CSOs, local self-governments, public institutions business at local and national, as well as international level. I have good knowledge of national legislation and mechanisms, in the area of education, social welfare and employment, as well as procedures of their development and adoption.
 ROMED trainer since 2011.
Employed in the Provincial Bureau for Social Welfare of the AP Vojvodina (Serbia) as an advisor for social welfare.

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