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Jan Hero is the Headteacher of Private Secondary School of  Zefyrin Jiménez Malla in Kremnica (Slovak Republic). He is also a ROMED trainer and a member of the Advisory team of the Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for Roma Community Members of the Committee for Inclusive Education at the Office of the Vice-Premier for Human Rights and National Minorities of the Slovak Republic, the representative of Slovakia at the CAHROM and a Board member of ERIO.
 He is also a former research worker in the State Pedagogical Institute in Bratislava – Department for Roma Education, a former officer for Education of the Roma National Minority at the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, a Former Director General of Regional Education at the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, a former member  of the Education Committee of the Council of the EU in Brussels, a former member of the Subcommittee for Vocational Education by EU-Leonardo in Brussels and a former member and Vice-Chair of the Specialist Group for Roma and Travellers MG-S-ROM of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.


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