Post date: 2016, 5 July
The Ad-Hoc Committee of Experts on Roma and Travellers issues (CAHROM) of the Council of Europe has just released a thematic report on health mediators. It comprises a country-by-country description on the situation of health mediators, good practices identified as well as possible follow-up for the improvement of the employment situation of health mediators in the country of focus. The thematic group on Roma health mediators was set up following a proposal  to host a thematic visit made...
Post date: 2015, 27 May
EN/FR On 27 May 2015 the 9th Meeting of the Ad-Hoc Committee of Experts on Roma Issues (CAHROM) will start in Strasbourg, where over 120 participants confirmed attendance, including national experts from 41 member States, different CoE bodies, and representatives from EU Institutions, International Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations. On that occasion, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe will address the inter-governmental committee dealing with Roma issues to exchange...
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