CAG members create video on the history of Roma in Ilida, Greece

All credits of the video go to Nikolaos Batzalis and Konstantinos Hinas members of the Community Action Group  in Ilida, Greece.

"In India may be your origins but the memories are too faint.
Νostalgia grows inside you for Istanbul.
You stayed there for 800 years.
1922 you were chased out again because you were Greek.
Because you didn't give up on Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.
You had to become a refugee.
But no one recognised you. Neither as a refugee nor as a Greek.
For 40 years you wandered around. Xanthi, Serres, Thessaloniki, Katerini.
The war found you in Larissa, Lamia, Nafpakto, Patra.
You survived with great losses.
Until you finally reached your "Land of Canaan", the hospitable and fertile Amaliada.
You bought land and you built the neighborhood of Papakafka.
Today you strive for education,
to have your place in the society.
Your hopes are high since you have many children."

More information on ROMED in Ilida here.

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