Training on Project management for CAG members and local municipality staff, Eforie, Romania, 7-9 July

During three days, from 7 to 9 July 2014, the Romanian National Support Team organised a training within the ROMED2 and ROMACT Programmes which answered the specific needs identified among the municipalities selected.
Within each municipality two CAG members and two local muncipality staff members attended the training, which gave the basics to writing projects and looking for alternative funds to the municipality budget. Besides the training itself, the aim was also to consolidate the relation between CAG members and local municipality staff, and to encourage these "local teams" to interact and learn from with each other at national level as well.
Although the training was only an introduction to project management, participants left very satisfied with the new elements in mind, and with the reassurance that opportunities exist at European level for the projects they have identified through the ROMED2 process. Facilitators remain the main support of such local teams in the developement of real projects in the future.
In addition to the aforementioned training, a workshop for facilitators in ROMED2 also took place, where they had the opportunity to go more in in-depth information on writing projects - in particular tips and tricks, ptifalls in writing projects, etc. The second point on the agenda of the workshop concerned ensuring that local action plans/strategies are not only adopted, but also budgetised and implemented. 
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