The ROMED Team wrote “The challenges in school mediation for Roma families” (French article)

The National Pedagogical Documentation Center (CNDP) of the French National Educational system just published its magazine “Diversité”, a first 2014 issue that deals with mediation in various contexts and its importance in the application of social policies.

The article entitled “The challenges in school mediation for Roma families” appearing in page 76 (French only), was co-written by Aurora Ailincai – coordinator of the ROMED and ROMACT Programmes, and Calin Rus – conceiver of the ROMED curriculum and member of the international ROMED2 pedagogical team.

The CNDP (now CANOPE) is one of the main partners in the implementation of ROMED in France, together with the CASNAVs (Academic Centers for the Schooling of newly-arrived non-French speaking children and children of Traveller families) of four regions in Eastern France.

The magazine can be bought here.

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