ROMED received "Programme of the year award" in Portugal


Initiated in March 2014, the ROMED2 Programme is implemented in no less than 9 municipalities in Portugal (Abrantes, Barcelos, Beja, Coimbra, Elvas, Figueira da Foz, Moura, Seixal and Torres Vedras).

Last week our partner organisation in Portugal, Letras Nomadas, awarded ROMED as the "Programme of the year" within the programme's first national workshop hosted by the Municipality of Torres Vedras. Other prizes were given to members of the Roma community, mediators, associations and partners of the Roma community in Portugal for the excellent work done throughout 2014. We would like to thank our partners - Letras Nomadas and ACM - for this recognition and their efforts within the programme since its launching in March 2014.

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