ROMED Evaluation Call for Tenders - Questions and Answers

Following the publication of the Call for Tenders 2015AO72 - Services of evaluation of the ROMED programme, and in line with Article 10 of its Tender Notice:


General information can be found on the website of the Council of Europe:
Other questions regarding this specific tendering procedure shall be sent at the latest one  week before the deadline
for the submission of tenders, in English, and shall be exclusively sent to the following address:
Answers should then be published within 2 working days, on the CoE call for tenders’ webpage.

we are hereby publishing the official replies to all questions received until 08/01/2016 at the email address.

Questions & Answers

Should further questions be addressed until the deadline of 10/01/2016, an update of the Questions & Answers document will be made as of the 11/01/2016.

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