Launching of ROMED and First Training Session of Mediators, Vilnius, Lithuania

From 19th to 21st June, the first ever ROMED training session for Mediators was launched in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event gathered close to 20 highly motivated participants, who act as Roma mediators, Roma leaders, pedagogical and social assistants.

The training session was hosted by the Public Institution Roma Community Centre (supporting organisation for the implementation of the ROMED programme in Lithuania) in cooperation with the National Focal Point for Lithuania, Ms Ana Rozanova.

The International Pedagogical team for this training is composed by Ms Alexandra Raykova (Bulgaria), Ms Zemfira Kondur (Ukraine) and Mr Konstantin Stech (Lithuania).

During the training an exchange of view authorities was organised and for this occasion Ms Svetlana Novopolskaja (Director of the Roma Community Centre), Ms Danguolè Grigoloviciene (Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson), Ms Ms Gražina Sluško (Responsible for Roma issues in the Division of National minority issues, Ministry of Culture and representative in the CAHROM), an expert in the Social department in the Municipality of Vilnius and the  former director of the Department of National Minorities were present.

The second training session is foreseen for either the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. For the next meeting, in close to six months, it will be important to mobilize the municipalities with higher presence of Roma pupils in their schools, and the Ministry of Education to provide an adequate framework and working conditions for the further action of the Lithuanian mediators.

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