Four new Municipalities join ROMED2 in FYROM

After two years of implementation in 6 municipalities, the ROMED2 Programme officially expanded on the 12th of November to four new municipalities in the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”: Berovo (Берово), Debar (Дебар), Kocani (Кочани) and Kicevo (Кичево).

Drawing on the extensive experience in these years of implementation, where Community Action Groups were formed in each of the programme’s six initial municipalities and where a climate of trust and cooperation has been fostered between local authorities and the community, the expansion to these four new locations of implementation will continue to focus on the active participation of young Roma, and in particular of women.

The Launching event took place in Tetovo, hosted by the representatives of the same local administration and attended by Ms Mabera Kamberi, representing the Ministry for Labour and Social Policy in FYROM, representatives of the European Union delegation to FYROM, representatives of the Council of Europe’s Support Team of the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Roma issues, Mr Ramadan Berat of the Organisation of Security and Co-operation in Europe Office in Skopje as well as representatives of Roma Education Fund. During an official ceremony, the Mayors or Presidents of Municipal Council of the four new municipalities signed the ROMED commitment letter – the official document materialising their commitment to ensuring their part of process in the “democractic governance and community participation through mediation”.

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