17 January 2016 – Call for tenders - 2015AO72 - Services of evaluation of the ROMED programme

For the attention of education evaluators and Legal persons with related experience in the field of evaluation (whatever their form, are accepted, excepted consortia).

The European Union and the Council of Europe are launching a call for the evaluation of the ROMED programme, with a deadline for applications set to 17 January 2016.

The  evaluation  will  cover  the ROMED Programme,  sampling  from  its  two  phases  of implementation: ROMED1 – focusing on training of Roma mediators and ROMED2 – focusing on the process of mediation between Roma communities and local authorities.
This evaluation will assess  the  effectiveness  of  ROMED1  and  ROMED2  respectively  in  contributing  to  the improvement of the situation of the targeted groupsm, to analyse the impact of the Programme on policies and practices at local, national and European level, in particular as regards education and training; and to  identify  lessons  that  the  Council  of  Europe  and  the European  Commission,  as  well  as  other stakeholders of the Programme should learn from its implementation.

More on the evaluation question, methodological approach, expected deliverables and other useful details can be found in the Tender Notice and Act of Engagement below.

Bidders are invited to present their offers in accordance with the requirements set out in the documents attached. The deadline for submission of bids is 17 January 2016 at 0h00 CET by post and by email  as specified in Article 7 – Modalities of the tendering of the tender notice. Please make sure to follow the checklist provided at the end of the Tender Notice prior to sending your bids.

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